Industrial Dehumidification & Air Conditioner Rentals

Image of a Dehumidification and A/C System View Spec Sheets / Drawings

Pacific Industrial offers the DH/AC 5000 which is the newest technology in industrial dehumidification and Air Conditioner systems. These systems are available for rent in high pressure 5000 cfm & 7000 cfm sizes, and can be used for dehumidification and cooling at the same time.

Common industries & uses of the DH/AC Systems are:

  • Sandblasting Industry - Keep areas dry during painting applications and curing of the paint.
  • New Construction - Dehumidification of new constructions to help concrete and drywall to dry faster.
  • Flooded Areas – Removal of moisture from flooded buildings.
  • Special Events - When temporary AC is required such as wedding & golf outings.
  • If you are not sure of what products you would need to perform a specific project, contact us we would be glad to offer you guidance based on our years of expertise.