Sponge Jet Rentals

Pacific Industrial Equipment is Hawaii & Guam’s rental distributor of Sponge Jet Equipment, the world leader of clean, dry, low dust, re-usable surface preparation media and equipment.

From delicate cleaning to selective coating removal to agressive profiling of industrial substrates, Sponge Jet offers a wide range of surface perparation solutions - and benefits. All of our rental units come with 24/7 service for peace of mind and with long and short term rental options.

Sponge-Jet Protects Your Environment And Bottom Line.

Image of compairing Sponge Jet process compaired to traditional sand blasting

Traditional sand blasting (left) vs. Sponge Jet (right)

The Sponge-Jet technology suppresses fugitive emissions and rebound that can lead to costly interruptions and dangerous workplace conditions.

From delicate cleaning to selective coating removal to aggresive profiling of industrial substrates, Sponge-Jet offers a wide range of surface preparation – and benefits.

Sponge-Jet’s low dust, low ricochet and recyclable process offers:

  • Lower fugitive emissions
  • Less worker exposure and fatigue
  • Less eye and other injuries
  • Enhanced visibility and first pass quality
  • Fewer defects and rework, keeping projects on schedule
  • High-quality surface preparation in sensitive or confined areas
  • A solution for preparing surfaces near finished coatings, instruments and equipment
  • Low inbound and outbound freight
  • Less pollution, waste generation, fines and reporting
  • Improved community relations
  • The ability for other trades to work nearby
  • Less downtime, improved asset availability
  • Coatings perform longer, saving on maintenance costs
  • Easier staging, containment, ventilation and clean up
  • Less waste, disposal and material handling
How Sponge Jet Works

The heart of the Sponge-Jet System is its Sponge Media. This patented technology combines the containment capability of urethane sponge and the cleaning and cutting power of conventional abrasives.

The pliant nature of Sponge Media abrasives allow its particles to flatten on impact (fig. 1), exposing the abrasive. After leaving the surface, the media expands, creating a vacuum – entrapping most of what would normally have become airborne contaminants (fig. 2). This is referred to as Sponge Media’s MicroContainment™.

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The Sponge-Jet Process:

The Sponge Jet Process